Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What a Shame.....MIC & Tamil schools...!!!!

Photo taken 2nd March 2008.

Is this what Sothinathan , MIC candidate for this area can do for the
Tamils in Lukut?????
He is seeking reelection, after having brought the local Tamil school to a
In fact, his bilik gerakan is just beside the Tamil "School" shoplot......3
shops to the left.... perhaps he is showcasing his proud achievment to
Please vote MIC OUT...... This is the only way we can teach these scumbags
that they cannot cheat the Indians anymore....
We all know how Sothinathan helped Semi-Value hijack 9 million Telekon
shares...... 3 million went to a company registered under Sothinathan's
name.... With that RM120 million, we could have built 20 world-class Tamil
Schools and could have sponsored 450 poor Indian students to complete their
medical degree anywhere in the world!!!

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