Monday, January 21, 2008

MIC's An Evening With Prime Minister "Made Possible By HINDRAF" ?

Since the HINDRAF mass rally protest over allegations of marginalization of Indian communities in Malaysia by the government , Barisan National politicians seems to be working hard to win back Indian support/vote for the coming election.

Samy Vellu who in his 28 years as the sole cabinet Minister had never arranged for such a gathering with our country premier previously and only now after feeling threatened and exposed by HINDRAF he had arranged for this event. Kudos goes to the organizers of HINDRAF rally for being the eye opener of Indian's plight.

Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s announcement yesterday of Thaipusam as a public holiday is seen as highly opportunistic and self-serving to salvage Samy Vellu’s political life and Barisan Nasional’s political fortunes in the coming polls than the start of a serious and genuine national commitment to end the long-standing marginalization of Malaysian Indians as the new underclass in the country.

I was there yesterday at the Stadium and had actually witnessed the whole event.
The only reason I went there was because a good friend of mine needed to fulfill his quota. As a MIC branch chairman my good friend needed to bring a number of people for the event. This rule applies to every branch/division chairman and committee members. They had actually been forced to act and obviously this people who are very ambitious in being somebody in MIC in future could not resist.

By now everyone should be able to make out on how MIC manage to gather the crowd for this event and believe me the whole crowd was less than 10,000 but our media had actually announced/published it to be more than 20,000.Most of the crowd members were old citizen and some children’s who tagged along with their parents. There were also few of them who were talking about HINDRAF who later got removed from the stadium by the event security.

The sad part is how Media's in Malaysia seems to be misguiding us on their reports. Everything that been shown to public or projected in the newspaper/television is always beneficial to the ruling party.

At this point I would like emphasize I’m not a member of any political party neither opposition nor BN and what I say here is as a concerned citizen and as tax payer who have the right to voice out my dissatisfaction .

After the event many people actually lined up to meet our Prime Minister and Datuk Seri Samy Vellu but due to security concerns, police and Rela had to take control of the situation. At this time I had also witnessed few people waiting in the line to pass some memorandum to Pak Lah but too bad all this memorandums were collected by Police officers who told them that this letters need to be screened and only then it will be passed over to PM. Only GOD KNOWS if it will end up in PM's hand or at our local Municipal garbage collection centers. PM is not aware of these memorandums as he was still in the press conference during this time.

Lastly I wonder how many people like me who had actually been in the event yesterday just because their friends are MIC member.

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