Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Indians must not be hoodwinked

by Concerned Malaysian

The general elections are expected to be held between March 8 and 15. Surprisingly, our often too busy prime minister suddenly has so much time for the minority, marginalised Indian community as evidenced by the report above.

My questions is this: Is the Indian community so naïve and blind that it can be easily hoodwinked by such government tactics?

The prime minister said, ‘Indians can judge the MIC and BN through their track records’. What track records he is talking about? Does he mean the fact that Indian equity in national wealth had dropped from 3% to the present 1.3%?

Does he mean the fact the intake of Indians for government-sponsored higher education is a mere 1%?

Does he mean the fact that Indian representation in the government workforce is less than 5%? Has The MIC president himself managed to increase Indian representation in his own Works Ministry to above 5%?

In the first place, does he have real power like an Umno minister or he is just merely an Umno ‘mandor’ as declared by the Hindraf leaders?

PPP president M Kayveas PPP recently said that S Samy Vellu and MIC have failed the Indian community. Are MIC and Samy alone to be blamed? If all Indians joined the PPP, would our problems be solved?

Why doesn’t Kayveas blame the ruling BN government as a whole for the woes of the Indian community? Who is actually this Kayveas? Has he been placed there by Umno to split the Indian community with the aim of weakening our bargaining power?

Only action will bring results, not mere words or empty promises. Why has our PM never set up and ‘Indian Development Unit’ under the Prime Minister’s Department to act as an effective channel to overcome Indian community’s problems?

My Indian brothers and sisters, please do not let yourselves be fooled and swayed by all these empty political promises. Fifty years is enough. Your action in our coming elections is very crucial.

Do not jeopardise the future of our beloved younger generations. Please exercise your voting right wisely.

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