Monday, December 10, 2007

Umno comedy corner - we're not laughing

FCCM | Dec 10, 07 4:37pm

Why do Umno members keep stating that all Malaysian citizens are equal and that the Indian Malaysians have equal opportunities? Can’t they read or see what’s going on around them? Have they all been hypnotised into believing that racism does not exist in this apartheid-style country?

Former Barisan Nasional secretary-general Mohamed Rahmat has now come out to echo the familiar Umno mantra of denial. He said, “The Indians were brought into the country during the colonial era and were accorded citizenship following independence. So what more is needed? They have become citizens and enjoy the same as what the Malays get, so what else is not right?” He added, “They also get education opportunities, healthcare and employment like the rest. In Malaysia, whoever works hard can become rich."

Has he been sleeping for as long as our prime minister or has he gone senile? Is it enough to give a person citizenship? If so then why are the Malays who came from Indonesia accorded citizenship and given so much extra? Citizenship should be enough, right Mr Rahmat? That Indians enjoy the same things as the Malays - if this is not the most comical statement I’ve heard then maybe it is police chief Musa Hassan’s claims that the Hindraf movement is linked with terrorist groups.

Actually, the most comical comment may be Nazri saying, “Don’t worry, Zaki’s a ‘straight fellow’.” Were people saying that Zaki is gay? Nazri has so many comical statements that it is difficult to decide which is the most hilarious. He said, “I stand by the other two million Indians.” I am one of the “other two million Indians”, Mr Nazri and I certainly do not want a racist hypocrite like you standing beside me. Come to think of it, the funniest comment may be the one by Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister Zainal Abidin Osman in saying that “Indians are better off than Malays.”

No, no, no, I think our prime minister leads this category when he said, “I am angry.” Mr Abdullah, the parents of the Indians who die regularly in your prisons are angry. The non-Malay children who miss out on educational opportunities, scholarships and jobs to the privileged Malays with lesser qualifications are angry. The small businessman who cannot get a licence or a contract unless more than half of his company is “given” to a Malay is angry. The shops that are regularly harassed by the authorities for not employing Malays are angry. The non-Malays who lose out on opportunities merely because of their race are angry. The list of apartheid-style governance by your administration, Mr Abdullah goes on and on and you tell us that you are angry? This is truly funny.

Anyway, it’s good to know that comedy is not the forte of only the Instant CafĂ© Theatre.

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