Thursday, December 13, 2007

Remain calm, Waytha tells supporters

Malaysiakini 14 Dec 2007

Hindu Rights Action Force chairperson P Waythamoorthy today urged the movement’s supporters to remain calm in the face of the police swoop on five key leaders which aimed to cripple the movement.

“Don’t get emotional. Let’s remain calm and continue with our struggle,” said Waythamoorthy who contacted Malaysiakini from London.

He is presently in that city to rally international support for the movement which wants the Malaysian government to stop marginalising the Indian community.

His absence from Malaysia prevented him from being arrested under the Internal Security Act today. Five other Hindraf leaders, including Waythamoorthy’s brother Uthayakumar, were detained under the tough security law today

The five have been immediately sent to the Kamunting detention centre in Taiping, Perak, on a two-year detention without trial.

“Let not anyone tell you that Hindraf is without leadership as a result of the police act today,” said Waythamoorthy, who is expected to take the helm from his detained elder brother.

He added that he would continue to lead Hindraf from London to achieve their aims in bettering the plight of the Indian community

“I will be issuing statements from here and will be in touch with others in Malaysia on our next step,” he said.

Protect our struggle

He also warned his supporters not to allow any political parties to hijack the movement’s struggle.

“We will remain apolitical though we are politically sensitive,” said the 41-year-old lawyer.

“I know there will be political parties who will try to move in after the arrest of the five key leaders today. My message to our supporters is not to let them hijack our struggle.”

He added that he would be calling for a tele-conference press meeting tomorrow at Uthayakumar’s office to explain Hindraf’s next move.

“Till then, please remain calm and if you want to do anything, just offer prayers for us,” he said.

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multidimid said...

It was an easy way out for the Government & especially the AG who was running around chasing for evidence. No Charges, Prosecution, Trial, Bail or Arguments just sign the order and brand them as “traitors” and off they go to Kamunting, Taiping ISA Detention Camp. A SB was quoted as saying “as a preventive move to halt the group's plans to hold another massive rally soon” Another unnamed Police officer said Hindraf “stunned the government by bringing more than 10,000 ethnic Indians on to the streets to complain of racial discrimination”
More details & pics at:
Go H E R E
and P. Uthayakumar came to the court grounds with 31 coconuts, 31 caged birds and camphor to perform a special pooja (prayers) for the safe release of the accused on Monday